LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER is a band of Brothers. We have come together with such passion and the love of music, that we feel blessed every time we hit the stage. When you travel around the world on planes, trains, and buses, you have to love what you do. We have so much fun on and off the stage that it seems to be infectious. Every audience member at every show can see, and feel our emotion for the music and for the incredible spirit that is BON JOVI. When you see thousands of fans singing along to every word of every song, standing, clapping, and cheering and it’s an amazing feeling. We feel so inspired to be a part of the energy the audience gives us. Fans, media, and promoters have repeatedly told us that we give more enthusiasm and excitement then any other band they’ve ever seen. It’s quite simple, when the songs are so amazing, powerful and heartfelt it just pours out of each and every band member. We want to truly thank all of our fans worldwide who come out and support us. The truth is we are the ones that feel so blessed, and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER is coming to a town near you, and we can’t wait to see your faces and ROCK THEM ALL!